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So heres the story, I've been running 2 AMD HD6850 in crossfire for a over a year with 2 monitors, each monitor is connected to one card for convenience, today installed w7 on my SSD and for some reason one of the monitors stops working when I turn crossfire on,

Monitor 1 on GPU 1 + Monitor 2 on GPU 2, for one year without probs, I format and install w7 on my SSD and now

Monitor 1 on GPU 1 + Monitor 2 on GPU 2, Monitor 1 works, Monitor 2 gets no signal
Monitor 1 on GPU 2 + Monitor 2 on GPU 1, Monitor 1 gets no signal, Monitor 2 works
Monitor 1 on GPU 1 + Monitor 2 on GPU 1, Both monitors work (Currently doing this)
Monitor 1 on GPU 2 + Monitor 2 on GPU 2, Both monitors get no signal

Already done:
Checked cables
Re-plugged GPU's
Switched GPU's: same happens with the other card
Changed crossfire bridge: same happens

Currently I plugged both monitors in my first card and its running fine atm, but I'm plannign to get a 3rd monitor soon and wish to have this fixed by then.

Any help is appreciated
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  1. did you install the latest drivers from amd? were they different ones then you had before?
  2. Yes I have the latest and no they're the same
  3. hmm thats odd....can you throw the old hdd and os in there and see if the problem is still there? or did you reformat that drive already?
  4. Already formatted it :/
  5. hmmm everything I get on google says when you crossfire cards only the top cards outputs work the second cards are disabled....but you said you got each monitor to work on each card before you got the ssd....are you sure crossfire was enabled then?
  6. Are you sure you had 1 monitor connected to GPU 1 and the second monitor connected to GPU 2?

    I am running 6850s in xfire and as far as I know all monitors have to be connected to the same GPU, the second card does not output a video signal in xfire.

    If you get a third monitor, you will have to connect it to GPU1 via display port, simply plugging it into the dvi port on GPU2 will not work.
  7. I'm 100% sure I had one monitor to each GPU and crossfire was on,
    I knew it shouldn't work like that since day one as I did my research before i bought the GPU's, but it worked for some reason and I never looked at it again until today, just think it's really weird that it worked up until now and suddenly it just doesn't :/
    Guess I'll just use it as it's supposed to :p
  8. ahh ok yea thats what I thought lol I was gonna say I dont think it supposed to work that way...I wonder if anyone else got lucky and was able to do what you did
  9. Was actually hoping the same but hey at least my GPU isn't dead :p
  10. yea def man it could be alot worse...did you have them plugged into separate cards so you could remove the plugs easier?
  11. Yea thats why I was 100% sure ;p
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