How to connect my PC to screen without HDMI?

I have a VGA cable but no way to insert an HDMI cable into my screen, I have a tv downstairs where I`m writing this on that has an HDMI in/out. Right now I have to figure out how to make the PC display through the mobo VGA and not its GPU

Mobo: Asrock H61M

GPU: 7950 3GB
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  1. I wanna know if I can make my display go through mobo and not gpu output.
  2. If the gpu has a vga output try hooking it into the vga monitor.
  3. yeah im confused? does your card not have a vga output?
  4. Nope, just HDMI and other cables that my screen doesn't have. Is there any option to output through vga?
  5. no there is not get what i gave you and attach it through dvi, if your monitor does not have dvi(which it should because my monitor from 2005 has one) then get this instead
    just plug one side into your gpu and boom you got vga
  6. ^One of those should have come with the card.
    Its a pretty common item to be bundled with cards, even where it makes no sense like with a 690.
  7. XD lol yeah be sure to check your box
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