Thinking about upgrading. Suggestions highly aqppreciated!


I have a computer that I built myself about 4 years ago and I feel like I need to upgrade it to be able to catch up to newest games. When I start looking at graphics cards I get lost again because I haven't been following it and there is so many options! Right now I have a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard with Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 at 3.00Ghz and ATI Radeon 4800 HD 512mb video card. I am thinking about upgrading the CPU and the graphics card. I don't know if my motherboard can take the newest CPU's though. If I am not mistaken I can only take Quad CPU's. Anybody got good suggestions? Nothing too expensive but enough to make a difference. Also, I did install a better fan on the CPU that I have now when I first bought it, with the intention of overclocking it. Should I try that first or just get a better CPU? Your suggestions are appreciated.

As far as the video card goes I think I can only have one in my case due to overheating. When I had two it would overheat on games like FarCry 2 because of how close they sit together. So maybe someone has a suggestions for one good card that would enhance my gaming experience. I haven't had any problems but once in awhile I see some glitches and some games I can't play on high settings anymore.

I already got the max amount of RAM in here. I would like to build another computer but I need to finish school first and get a decent job so for now I will go with upgrades. Thank You for your time and help in advance!

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  1. Oh and here is the newegg info about the motherboard if it helps:

    Are video graphics cards still at PCI 2.0 16x? Or are new motherboards now are different?
  2. What resolution are you looking to be able to play and at what settings would you like? (eg.. i want to play at 1920x1080 at ultra settings)

    What PSU is in your computer? (specific brand and wattage)

    What are you willing to spend for graphical glory? (100? 200? 300?)

    PCI 3.0 will work in a PCI 2.0 slot with minimal performance loss, if any at all.

    I would focus soley on a graphics card upgrade, i did a search for your compatible CPU and didnt find much. In order to recommend an appropriate card everyone would need to know the above info.
  3. I already play at 1920x1200. I would like to play at ultra settings or close to it without glitches.

    The PSU I have is OCZ 700 W (OCZ700MXSP).

    I would be willing to spend 200-300 maybe a little more if it made a huge difference.

    So I shouldn't worry about the CPU? Is it worth trying to overclock it or is it too old for it now?
  4. Is 700 W enough for a high end card nowadays? Should I go with Radeon or GE Force? I can spend around 300. Please let me know your suggestions, I would be greatly appreciative! Thank You Thank You Thank You!
  5. 700 Watts is more than enough to power any video card that your CPU could handle. It's personal preference when it comes to which you pick i dont know alot about Nvidia so if you choose AMD then your system could handle a 7850, with maybe a minor bottleneck from the CPU.
  6. If you want to spend about $300, you can grab a Gigabyte or MSI 7950 for around that price point. I personally have the MSI card, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you play with headphones (it can get loud during gaming), but it has great overclocking headroom (mine is running at 1100/1600) and stays cool enough under 70* pretty easy with the right fan curve. The only problem with that is it would certainly be bottlenecked by your CPU. I'm not sure whether or not the $300 budget you set was just for a graphics card, or if it was for the whole deal.

    Just remember, if you have windows, when you upgrade your motherboard you will be required to re-renter your product key, and OEM keys only work once. If you have a retail copy, it shouldn't be an issue, but you would need to purchase another key if you had an OEM copy (if I remember correctly).

    Without upgrading your CPU, I would agree that you could probably handle a 7850 or possibly a GTX 570/580. Those would push your CPU to it's limits though, and you wouldn't get much better without upgrading the CPU.
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