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Hello all. I recently purchased a Zotac gt520 pci card that did not work well with my system at all. Windows 7 would not even install after like a minute I would get a blue screen. Ubuntu was a similar story and lubuntu works Just barely.
I have an AsRock 4 coredual VSTA for a mother board. A Celeron e1200 for a processor a 520W Breeze power supply (pretty generic). and 1.5 GB of generic ram. This is supposed to be a budget build as I am a teen. I plan to use Windows 7 Ultimate and ubuntu with this card. ( If at all passible I also want a Hacintosh.) so I need the card to be multi patform friendly. Hdmi output is also a must. I plan on using blender and playing low resource games like Wizard 101 and WOW. I dont need it to run lightning fast but it better be able to handle at least 720 video. Blender is another story it is like a side hobby so not too cruc ial but more of a plus. I want the card to be usefull in the future too.

under 50 for sure including shipping.

I prefer Newegg and Amazon but Im open.

Linux friendly


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  1. Hey thanks for the sugestion, Shamsmu.
    I am not a fan of rebates as they are not are not a sure thing. I am doing budget. It is on the high end of my budget so i have no lee way. I would also prefer passive cooling but it is not a deal breaker.

    For future posts please post the name of the card and Why you thinks its a good choice please. A random link is kinda iffy beacuse it tells me nothing but the name, not that i dont appreciate any kind of help

  2. BTW i think, correct me if Im wrong, that Nvidia worked better cross platform. Particularly when paired with an intel chip.
  3. Guys anyone know any good budget cards? Linux friendly is a must.
  4. the only gpus you can afford are gt620, gt520 from nvidia and the hd6450 and hd6570 from amd. Now I dont know a lot about linux but my friend used a hd6450 to run his ubuntu/linux rig. So I'd assume amd has support for linux as well. Now my advice would be- save up $10-$20 more and get a hd6670/ gt630 if you like to go nvidia. I understand that you are a teenager but saving up a little more money shouldn't be that difficult even for you. Even I myself is 20yo at the moment and I remember how I used to save up my lunch money for a 8800gtx.
  5. Oh no i have more than a thousand to spend i dont set the budget my parents do.
    I might be able to crawl up to 60 dollars but i need to know it will work with my mobo to take that chance. problem is mobo has an old pciex16 slot, so newer cards are a bit of a gamble.
  6. In pure performance of the cards you mentioned which is most powerful?
  7. I will go with the Gt 430 in amazon as it seems like a good deal for a good mid range card. Still open though as I want Buy for another 2-3 days.
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