Slow video.

I have 3 home built systems. General function is good. When we try to watch videos, CNN, You Tube, etc. We get 5 to 20 seconds of video then it stops and and a circle comes up for a few seconds before it does a few more seconds of video. I'm thinking I have an incorrect setting some where in the video. The systems have different mbos, video cards, memory, power supplies all of which are good quality and adequate, They all have Win 8 Pro.

Sound familiar? Please help if possible.
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  1. Are you watching like an online video?
  2. Deemo13 said:
    Are you watching like an online video?

    Yes. Trying to. Example attached

    Amazingly it played perfectly this morning. I don't understand it.
  3. It might just be the internet connection if all of the computers are unable to play the video after x amount of time.
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