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Hello everybody. I was wondering if I should buy a 7850 or get a secondhand 6950 2gb for 150 and buy borderlands 2. I have an ocz modular 500w PSU. Or is it worth it to just purchase a 7870 to last me longer? Thank you again.
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  1. the 7850 is a great card for the price and when overclocked can provide similar performance to a stock 7870.
  2. Benchmarks are very close from my google searching. I don't really mind power consumption as long as my PSU can handle the single card. Thank you for your input looniam.
  3. I would go with the 7850, it uses less power. It would be able to run on your power supply while putting less stress on it.
  4. get the 7850. dont bother with used 6950 . for 150 its not worth it when you can get the 7850 for only 210. :)
  5. 7850
  6. HD7850 is a great card, it does everything you want it do do @ 1080p!
  7. 6950 vs 7850 benchmarks (very close) if the 7850 is no more than $10 more get it.
  8. Ditto, all of a sudden the HD7870 is the best value for money card in the market.
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