Gt 630 in 15A@12v rail psu

Hi, i need some help to buy new gpu for my system.

intel pentium dual core 2.0ghz (E2180)
1gb ddr2 ram
intel 945g chipset motherboard (with pci express 1.1 slot)
1280x1024 maximum resolution display
400w psu with15A in 12v rail (psu came along with casing.i couldn't find any info about the psu in internet. brand is "emarc".sticker says ATXS400 model and 15A@12v,25A@5v,20A@3.3v)
160gb hdd

iknow this is not a gaming system. im not a hardcore gamer and only thing i want is something better than my onboard graphics to play games atleast medium settings and 25-30 fps in 1280x1024(or 1024x768 if it can increase some fps). i thought about evga gt630. it says it need minimum 300w psu with 20A in 12v rail. but i have only 15A. i checked my system power consumption in extreme power supply calculator. it says i only need minimum psu is 214w and recommended psu is 264w(with capaciter aging set to 30%). since i have only basic hardwares which consumes less power do you think gt 630 will wort on it ? (im going to buy a new psu within next 6 months. so it only needs 6 months to hang on)
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  1. If you are going to buy a new power supply in 6 months, you should be able to hold out. I imagine the GT630 doesnt use that much power, but I think you would be happier with something faster.

    The 630 is pretty darn slow. Its about as quick as alot of high end cards from like 5 years ago. You can go with a Radeon 6570 which only uses like 3 more watts.
  2. You could probably also manage a 7750, but I'm not sure of your budget.
  3. Deemo13 said:
    You could probably also manage a 7750, but I'm not sure of your budget.

    Thanks for the reply.
    My budget is only 70-80 $ unfortunatly my local store has only gt440,gt520,gt630,gts450,gtx550ti. I will try to look for suggesed hd cards. But for some reason radeone cards are rare to find in my country.
  4. gt630 is not a bad choice. your psu can handle the card.. as someone said 6570 is NOt more powerful than gt630. the card is efficient , fits in your budget so its the right choice. however get atleast another 2gb of ddr2 ram as 1gb will not allow you to launch any modern games and will give an error on launch.. 15A on 12v rail is not good but might be able to get away with it.
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