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Hi Everyone,
Well I'll try to be brief, but my computer was built by a friend a used to live next door to during the 5 years while I recovered from throat cancer and since I was living on Social Security Disability and didn't have the finances to purchase a name brand "gaming computer" such as Dell, HP, or IBM etc... he constructed one that would allow me to run my FSX Flight Simulator efficiently!

Anyways, I'm a 53 year young, cancer surviving Lady who knows a reasonable bit about computer operation but as I've moved just recently and no-longer have my tech genius friend living near me this has me stumped!

You see part of the computer he built for me included an "Inland, model 88142, 5 satillite/ one Sub-Woofer sound system"

And even though he had to tweek the sound system on a number of occassions he had finally got it right.

AThen after moving while unpacking I opened the desktop running on a Windows 7 operating system and re-assembled it.

Everything appears to be working fine except the sound system?

It only gives me a stereo option in the sound configuration window and then it will only play sound through one speaker???
(I can connect my USB headphones and get a full range of sound "Thank God"

So if any of you tekkies have a way to talk me through what I need to do to make the surround sound work properly your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Tiffany "Tigress" Allen
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  1. Actually you can select the very top of every name brand and come under the performance of a custom built, for the same money.
    Check the plugs are inserted all the way in, I do that often and I check the plugs. Go to Inland's website and look for an updated driver for that card, sometimes drivers go corrupt. Check software settings in windows for volume and setup. Incorrect driver recognition might go to a default wrong setting.
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