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XFX 630 Red Squares

Just bought a XFX Double D Geforce GT 630 2Gb ( )
After a few minutes of use red squares develop on the screen. They slowly multiply like rabbits after that. Its not crashing... yet. I haven't put much stress on it though.
I see this is quite a common problem... I have searched and tried a few things like updating the drivers (current 310.42), reseating, etc, but nothing has worked.

I have a few questions:

A few people have said that driver updates are bad, and that you should roll them back... How? I cant find a place with outdated driver downloads.

Its not overheating.... but this is what cpuz hw shows:

It seems a little off to me. Shouldn't the card be 12 v, not 1? It shouldn't even be running at that low.
And the fact that my -12v rail is half what it should be... is my psu dying?

Would this issue be hardware related? Do I need to return it?

Any ideas are helpful.. im out of them. Thanks
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    Don't worry about the -12V reading, in this day and age the -12V rail isn't used, it's a legacy spec. HWMonitor also is notorious for not reading motherboard voltages properly.

    The voltage on your video card also looks about right. Voltage to the GPU doesn't go too much above 1V, similar to the CPU.

    You're not overheating, so I would say you have a defective card, or the heatsink is not properly cooling the video RAM if you are artifacting. Nvidia should have some older drivers on their website, though how many actually support the 630, I can't tell you. If driver rollbacks don't work, your best solution is to RMA it. The only reason the card would be artifacting like that at your temps and voltage is if there was some sort of manufacturing defect.
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