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Hello everyone I'm a first time buyer and builder of a gaming computer. I was just wondering what your build for $2000 would be?
Here's some details:
I like NZXT and Thermaltake cases
Atleast 8 gb of ram
not too picky about the rest!
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  1. CPU: i5 3570k
    GPU: Sapphire 7850
    RAM: Any ram it doesnt matter, its very cheap. get 16gb
    MOBO: ASROCK z77 extreme4 LGA 1155
    HHD: Get a SSD and a mechanical one, SSD for your bot system and games
  2. here you go man

    You have 400 extra cash could do 3 monitor setup and get the 256gb version of the SSD instead of 128gb
  3. I would throw the Noctua NH-D14 in that build.

    Looks fine other than that. You don't really need the anti-static wrap.
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