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SLI 550Ti

i want to get more performance

should i get dual 550Ti's in SLI?

buy a 560 instead? or get something better

im upgrading for better performance on gw2

i get 42-60 fps and lows 23-34
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  1. I would upgrade the Coolmax power supply before you upgrade anything. Depends on how much you want to spend.
  2. was already thinking of that :) well.. its either i buy a new monitor im currently using a 40' hdtv or upgrade graphics and psu
  3. Overclock your CPU.

    1. Bad PSU!
    2. Your CPU would bottleneck dual 550ti's
    3. It's a waste to run 2 550ti's.
    4. for more GW2 performance overclock!
  4. i need to overclock my CPU for more fps?
    i was planning on getting a new psu before i would dual
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    Just get the new PSU first, then I would recommend a platform (processor/motherboard).
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