Should i get two GTX 470 or one 570GTX?

i wanted to ask
if a GTX 470X2 SLI
is better then one GTX 570
or even then one GTX 580

thanks to anyone who can help
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  1. bump
  2. 470 sli is going to be a lot more powerful but draw way more power.
  3. what power outage will i need to cover that?
    will 750Watt be suffice?
  4. You may be better off buying the best single card GPU you can with your budget now, and then you'll have the ability to sli in the future(15-18 months) and get a bump in performance. I'd go with a gtx 580, or if you can afford it a 670.
  5. Why not go for something more modern and less power hungry?
  6. GTX 580 = Overpriced.
  7. A GTX 660 Ti would be better then the 580.
  8. umm id say budget
    cant afford around 400$ right now
    and i can get 2 470 for around 300$
    thats why
    and i already got a 460GTX but i think its faulty too much freeze and problems with graphics so i want to get something better
    but i cant afford too much
    already got the new mother board and new CPU
    which by itself cost a load
  9. Buy the best single card you can afford then if you need more power SLI afterwards.
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