8 TV Setup To Run Multiple Powerpoint Presentations

I would like some advice on setting up 8 TV's from one PC to run different powerpoint presentations on each.
I have never done this before and would like to know what the best way to set it up.
This is for a local catering business that want to convert all the menus to digital enabling them unlimited possibilties for changing prices and adding new offers etc. The distance from the PC (when I build it) to the furthest TV is 30ft. Sound isnt really needed.
My main questions are:
What graphics cards do I need?
Do I use HDMI or DVI or both?
Is it better to use monitors instead of TV's or do it not matter?
Is there any software I can use to administer all the displays from one interface?
Will the quality be degraded running 8 displays all at once or will the graphics card handle it ok?

I will be happy to answer questions to fill the missing gaps regarding the setup.

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  1. Quote:
    What graphics cards do I need?

    Pretty much this, but only if you can get it, because...it got discontinued, daaaamn....>_<
    What the hell, Sapphire!? What the hell...
  2. You should try your planned setup first with two monitors, because I don't think it will work this way. You can not run 8 instances of powerpoint with different ppt's on 8 screens from one PC.
    If you want to set it up yourself, try to get one cheap/used laptop per screen and attache them to your network. Now you can start a picture viewer in full screen mode and load the pictures from a server / your PC. You can create the pictures right from your powerpoint.
  3. Yea I found that I can only run 4 displays from one PC so I will buy 2 graphics cards and crossfire them if thats possible. I can convert the presentation to wmv but I dont think most TV's will play them from USB. If I convert to AVI I still cant get it to play but I think its to do with the resolution they are converted to.
  4. The easiest way I found to do that is with a small software called Monitors AnyWhere.
    You can find it here: http://www.monitorsanywhere.com

    It lets you run up to 20 different content channels from a single PC. I've used it for 6 different PPT presentations...
    Good Luck :)
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