It's August, any new contentders for best 17" LCDs

Howdy all. I have been agonizing over a new 17" LCD and I cannot decide. Since the excellent review of the Hyundai Q17A, I notice there are no more reviews. I am interested, since it is a few months later, what the best LCDs for heavy gaming are. I guess the Q17A (or a similar model) is in the running. I've also heard good things about the Hitachi CML174/175 models, and a ViewSonic (can't remember model name) is recommended as well. I am curious about other top monitors not listed above that have response times at most 20ms. I've heard that LG Electronics and Samsung are major contenders as well.
Let's pretend that price is not a factor here (if only it were true...). Dead pixels are also a concern, if any of them have lots of dead pixels or something.
It is very difficult to find reviews on monitors that are recent and that actually review GOOD monitors. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Anyone? I figured this would be a topic of interest...
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