24-port gigabit unmanaged switch

I'm looking for a good 24-port unmanaged rackmountable gigabit switch to hook up my new home. Any suggestions?

I've been looking on Newegg and saw some for less than $200, but their reviews were not great. Anyone know about the ~$160 ASUS model?

I like Newegg, but any references at all are great.
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  1. I actually like Dell switches for lower end network hardware.

    http://www.dell.com/us/enterprise/p/powerconnect-2824/pd while being a decent bit more expensive does offer a few options that might come in useful such as link-aggregation. Also has a built in dhcp server if you had any use for that, or you can just leave it setup as a fully unmanaged switch for plug/play. Also a lifetime warranty. Lots of other stuff as well, while still in a reasonable price for home setups.
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