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Hi Everyone, I hope you guys can help me with my build.

Right now I'm planing on getting a new pc, My budget is between $550-$650.

I'm not really planning on OCing, would like more a Micro ATX mobo. I'll use the pc mostly for gaming and work (VStudio mostly and some other programs) This is what I've checked so far:

CPU: (has $15 off promo)
Combo PSU + Case

total at the moment: $568.95

I would like to add a SSD for SO and a 500gb-1tb HDD and 8gb ram if possible. I'm not fro USA but I have a cousin that lives there so everything will go to his house and he will send to me everything... so I can't use the rebate cards discounts (if any).

Thank you in advance.
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  1. Everything you listed looks good, I like Gigabyte boards a lot myself, that GPU is the best performance for the price you can really get right now. But the only thing that some what bothers me is that Rosewill PSU. I'm not so sure about how well it's made, I tried to find some tests done on the Green Series but couldn't really find anything. Your not saving a whole lot of money on the combo anyway, so I'd think about buying the case and this PSU separate.
    It's pretty good the price and has excellent reviews. I've always liked Seasonic and Antec PSU's the best myself.
  2. Oh ok, what about Ram what would you recommend me ? I was checking and there were some G.Skill/Corsair/Kingston ones that i looked but I dont know... I was going for

    ...About the SSD/HDD I don't have any in mind since last time I built a pc I just bought some random samsung 500gb hdd hehe... so Im pretty much lost in this part. I'll check the PSU, and thank you for the advice :D...
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    I like Kingston and GSKill Memory the best. I've never really used anything else besides those two brands and ADATA. 1600Mhz is the best speed for the price, but usually you have to set the timings and stuff manually. I don't much care for doing that so you can go with 1333Mhz and not really notice any performance decrease. You can usually save a few bucks this way too.

    As for SSDs I asked about them a while ago and was told that what matters most is reliability and Samsung, Intel, Corsair v4, and Kingston are the most reliable.

    For Hard drives you can't really go wrong with any thing. I run a Hitatchi right now, it's a bit older, I bought it from my friend and it still works pretty well. But like all other Hitatchi's I've used it is very loud. Western Digital is good too, and I have a Samsung in my laptop, I'm not sure if that's before or after Seagate bought them out. Really I would just stay away from Toshiba's but even the good brands have bad models, just look at reviews people won't lie.
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