How can I improve this PC?

I currently have the following setup, It is not the PC I am using at the moment as i know it is absolutely terrible. I was just wondering how i could improve at and sell it as a low end gaming pc...

-ASRock PV4M800 Motherboard
-Pentium 4 processor
-512mb of RAM- haha that's so bad
-EvoLabs 450w PSU
-120GB Seagate HDD

So any suggestions on how to make it into a very low end gaming PC for about £50?
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  1. What type of RAM.
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    EEEWWW!!!!! It's a socket 478! That means DDR RAM and AGP!

    Well, you definitely need to get some DDR RAM (at least 1GB), an AGP graphics card and depending on the clock speed of that CPU, overclock or upgrade.
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