Upgraded my Router But Still Have the Same Speed...?

Hi All,

I previously owned a Linksys WRT54G V.8 wireless router, I upgraded my router to a DLink DIR-655 N Router in hopes to improve my internet download speeds. As a comparison I ran several online speed test for both routers. However, All test yielded similar results with minimal improvements. I also downloaded large files utilizing rapidshare's download manager, again with no improvement in download speed. I thought moving from a G to an N router would improve my download speeds. The drivers on the DLink router are current.

Are there any tweaks or tricks i can do to increase my download speeds?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Dell Dimension 1545 Laptop
Windows XP
Intel WiFi Link 5100 Mini Wireless Card
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  1. It's a thing known as "Limiting Factor." Your router(s) don't originate the Internet at your location, it is "supplied" by an ISP. The data plan you have determines the speed you get, except for DSL. Cable delivered Internet generally will supply the speed paid for as well as paid WiFi, but DSL is a major rip-off in most countries, especially the U.S. DSL providers have a giant bag of excuses why you don't get the speed you pay for, and it's always your fault- not theirs. The excuses boil down to one core excuse, "If everything was perfect and you lived withing xx feet of the service exchange, then you would get the speed you pay for." See, it's all your fault! It's much like buying a tank of gas for your car and then have the station say you only get 1/2 tank because their hose is 3 inches too long to give you a full tank, but you're still charged for a full tank. Lame excuse? you bet but that's the world of DSL. DLS providers could install repeaters to keep the speed up where it belongs but then that cuts into profits and people keep subscribing anyway so why bother?

    Check your service speed. If it's cable, complain to your ISP if it is slow, if it's DSL, get used to it.
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