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I am looking to compare four systems one of which is from Ankermann in germany (I am in uk) via amazon market and comes with 2 year warranty, but after 6 months cost of returning to germany would be mine, one is from a local company also offering two year warranty, obviously returning to them in event of problems would be much easier, and the last co are Uk based I think.

So taking into consideration the risk from buying broad could anyone compare the specifications for me, my budget is £400 and I wish to buy in the next two weeks. It is. Xmas present for my son who wants to play minecraft and tekkit. He also wants to record his Xbox gameplay and chat so I think I may need an additional card? We have keyboard mouse etc and at the moment he is thinking of using his 32inch tv as a monitor, but if it wouldn't cope with that we have a spare monitor. I don't think he needs a particularly high spec gaming pc now, but I would like it to be relatively future proof e.g. can upgrade memory or add graphics card later.

Ankermann spec



Local company

Intel i5-3470
Samsung 8gb DDR 1333mhz (2 x 4gb)
500gb 7200rpm SATa
22xdvd rw
Nvidea gt 630 2gb

Any help or advice gratefully received. I am technical enough to install or replace a card, but I am not confident of building a system from scratch especially not on Xmas day!
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  1. If you are willing to upgrade the graphics card, and there is a good power supply from the local company the local is better. what is the power supply?

    EDIT we have no power supply information on any of the machines
  2. Sorry, local system is £420

    Tried to change title as well but couldn't
  3. The local one is 500w power supply. Originally he quoted me for i3 with a better graphics card, but I thought i5 would be better so he put that card in to try and meet my budget. I cant afford better card unless I go down to the i3 and as a non techy that seems like a really old processor?

    So intel plus card makes up for less disk, less memory and no multi card reader? Or fact that it's local?
  4. Well the reasoning behind my thoughts are
    1.) its good to support local businesses
    2.) its a much better cpu
    3.) "or add graphics card later."
    4.) 8GB of ram is enough memory
    5.) 500GB is enough storage for most people.
    6.) just an FYI there are is Operating system on these machines
    7.) the kid probably wouldn't use a memory card reader
    8.) minecraft can be run with a gt 630
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