GTX 660 vs HD 7870 (and SLI vs CrossFire too)

So I'm asking what to get:

HD 7870 - MSI Twin Frozr at 325$

GTX 660 - Gigabyte WindForce at 300$ (They havent got it on their homepage lol)

And im doing a SLI or CrossFire later with these motherboards:

CrossFire - MSI Z77A-G43 at 130$

SLI - MSI Z77A-GD55 at 170$ or GigaByte GA-Z77X-D3H at 170$

So what should i take? And Newegg doesnt work for me!
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  1. HD 7870. It doesn't have the memory bandwidth issues the GTX 660 has.
  2. Okay you probably are going to get a little bit better performance out of 7870s but Radeon drivers aren't to great for crossfire some times the drivers work great for people sometimes they dont.

    So while you'll take a slight performance hit I'd go with nvida 660s. Although honestly I'd recommend just getting a faster single card and not deal any issues you might with Crossfire/SLI.
  3. well at first im getting only one card and the second when i will need it or maybe even a new single card so... then i should go with gtx 660?
  4. i dont like the gtx 660ti. if you want an nvidia card go with gtx 670 otherwise go with amd.
  5. Ok if your going to get a single card first than crossfire/sli later I'd recommended 7870 because Radeon is cosntatly improving their drivers so by the time you crossfire they'll be a lot better.

    So get a 7870 for now and by the time you want to crossfire the drivers should be good! :D

    Also you can get 7870 for 240 dollars more or less depending on your card maker preference.
  6. I am pretty sure the 7870 is not $330USD more like $230, in that case the P/P is better than a 660ti SLI which is 20% more expensive than a GTX 680, 15% more power and only 10% performance gain.
  7. If 7870 is $325.00 your being ripped off don't buy lol
  8. Well in my country it costs 325$... :(
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