ATI 6950 w/ Dell U2711 issue


I have a ATI 6950 and just recently bought a Dell U2711. When I max out the resolution, the screen has horizontal lines and flickers back and forth. When I turn down the resolution, everything is fine.

Driver's has been updated and the connection is through Displayport, any thing else I should look at to fix this issue?
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  1. I would disable the video card, and try through the integrated grafixs just to isolate the issue. If it still does it on the integrated then you might have a bad monitor. I hear dell has a pretty comprehensive warrenty on their high end monitors.
  2. Thanks! I don't recall my motherboard having a DP but I'll double check when I get back.
  3. That monitor supports HDMI, display port, and dual link DVI. Should be something that you can connect to the IGP.
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