Low 3DMARK11 score on dual GTX 690 on SR-X Board


Any SR-X owners here with dual XEON E5-2687W CPU and dual GTX 690 graphic cards care to share your 3DMark11 score here ? My result is http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/4323681. It is considered low as it is QUAD SLI setup. Performance mode score is around 18k and graphic score is around 22k only, which should be in excess of 23k and 35k respectively according to some published results on the web with dual gtx 690 setup. I don't know whether it is the CPUs that are bottlenecking its performance.

Anyone care to give your comments as to why it is. I have read this thread: www.evga.com/forums/tm.aspx?m=1729577 whereby someone has encountered similar low score result with the Asus Z9PE-D8 WS board.

System Spec:

EVGA SR-X Bios 015
Corsair H100 Coolers x 2
Dual XEON E5-2687w CPU
Dual GTX 690 (One EVGA GTX 690, One Gigabyte GTX 690)
Crucial Ballastix Sport 96gb Ram (12x8gb) @ 1600mhz
1500w SilverStone PSU
3TB Seagate Hard Drive
Little Devil v4 Test Bench
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  1. Hello,
    I too have an SR-X, dual 2687's, and dual GTX 690's. I have the same issue. I originally had an Asus Z9PE-WS motherboard that wouldn't boot at all. I have been working with Asus since the end of July. I was one of the original people to report the issue taking over a month and 30+ phone calls. I went through all levels of tech support and supplied them with my equipment list printout so it could be recreated. I finally received confirmation that they admitted the issue.
    I have been so frustrated because in the beginning there were not a lot of people with this setup. Anyways, Asus recently received a new firmware update from Nvidia that only partners can apply on their cards.

    I have been given two options from Asus since I refused to get used cards in return for my cards that were used less than an hour. I can wait a few weeks to get new replacement cards from their HQ or I can elect to send my cards in for the update. Bottom line is they are the only ones that will update the card.

    This bios for the card supposedly fixes all of the issues. In the meantime I shut off the PCI slot for the second card. I thought it was funny that I scored a 6.5 in windows 8 assessment score with dual 690's.

    Good luck

    EVGA Classified SR-X with bios rev. 16
    Asus GTX 690 x2
    OCZ Revo 3 x2
    OCZ vertex 4
    64 GB corsair vengeance 1866
    Quad MCP 35x with XSPC res.
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