Temp for my asus gtx 560 ti dc2 top

When i used it first time, the idle temp just around 32-34, but after I oc a few time and I also get notice that" driver crashed and has successfully solved" my idle temp now is around 44-47.
Oh... If I change my screen solution from 1280x1024p to 1920x1080p , does it affect the temp?
Any helps?
@@ sorry for my bad English?
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  1. well if you change your screen solution from 1280x1024p to 1920x1080p then your gfx card need to work a lot harder. Also it looks like you let windows instal the drivers for you ?? Got to NVIDIA website and download the latest drivers.
  2. 44-47 is high, especially for a DirectCU card. 1920x1080 should only produce those kind of temps while gaming. It sounds like the GPU is not actually idling. Even if you OC to something like 950+mhz the card will still clock itself down to 450mhz for most everyday tasks, and especially if it's just idling. Check to see if the card is lowering its clock at idle. If not, I would install the most up to date drivers, as previous poster suggested, and try again. If the temps are still an issue I'd check to make sure the voltage is at stock as well. You might also want to adjust the fan profile from within the program you're using to OC the card, as most default profiles are very conservative.
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