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my graphics card makes clicking noises, i have a 6970 Gigabyte Windforce 3x... Now here comes the strange part: it only makes these click noises when i´m trying to enter the online services to play mw3 multiplayer...? In every other game, take bf3 multiplayer, it´s as quiet as a graphics card can be: u can´t hear it.
As it was until last week when it started. Even stranger is that since then i am unable to play mw3 multiplayer. Wut?
Seems like this clicking is sort of preventing me to connect myself with the online services.
How is that possible?
I am a tech knowing person (i build the system myself) but that...

Before you ask; yes i have checked the fans, listened closely my harddrive (i only have one, the others are ssds), to my blurayplayer. My internet connecting works fine too. There is no doubt, it only can come from the 6970. Well, maybe from the motherboard too.

I would really appreciate your help!! I know this is a, well, bizarr situation but that´s why i´m asking.
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  1. How would you like us to help you?

    Have you contacted Gigabyte tech support or considered RMA?
  2. Have you tried different versions of your display drivers (along with uninstalling old drivers, and using driversweeper if neccessary)?

    The fact that it only occurs in one place makes me think it's probably a software issue.

    What is preventing you from playing online, does it crash, is it unable to connect to their server, does it cause a city wide blackout?
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