Network connection randomly drops

Hey guys, I've been trying to fix a problem I've had for 6 months now and have finally given up and am looking for some help.

My network connection randomly drops for 30 seconds at a time, several times in a row. I have a bout of disconnects at least once a day. The facts:

Occurs with 2 different ISPs, one was cable, the current one is DSL

Occurs with different modems, both a cable and dsl modem

Occurs when router is bypassed, as well as with 3 different routers I've tried.

The connection is lost throughout the household, not just my system.

I'm using Windows 7 currently.

Where do I even start?
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  1. Also, my ip is different after each loss of connection
  2. Bump. It's happened 5 times between 6:30pm and 7:15
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