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Hi, i have been having some trouble with my pc it is an old pc which has been slightly updated with new psu and gpu (gtx 460) as well as a new HDD the cpu is a intel core 2 duo 2.13ghz, 2gb of ram and msi motherboard. On the new hdd i have installed windows 8 release preview as I still had xp on the old one as a back up this all worked fine for about a month until It was off for a while, about a week, and when i came to use it it wouldn't boot giving an error message 0x0000005c after trying a few things without success i reset bios by removing battery for 30 seconds this resulted in a no signal message on the monitor which after trying a few things i managed to fix by changing back to my old psu however this resulted in the same situation as before except instead of displaying the error message it just doesn't recognise the new hdd as a boot device after this I decided to just remove of updated bits leaving me with the old psu, old gpu ( a nvidia 7300) and the same cpu, ram and mobo now when i turn on the pc it starts up and gets past bios screen but then displays a windows 8 screen saying its not available which it isn't as I've removed that hdd as it isn't recognised as a boot device so i select other os win xp on the installed hdd which then wont load when i select start windows normally or in safe mode.

If anyone has any idea on how to get windows to load please help thanks in advance.
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  1. Some clarifications.
    So you reimage to Windows 8 on the new set up (with new psu/gpu/hdd/cpu) right? Then after the reimage completes, windows comes up with BSOD 5c code?

    Then you reimage again to Windows 8 on the old set up just to find out Windows 8 tells you it's "...unavailable...?"
  2. Sorry if this sound silly but what do you mean by reimage.
    Currently i am try to startup the pc on the old hdd which has xp installed no win 8 hdd thats been removed due to the error all the hardware is a it was before i made any changes the only issue there may be is that i am now using old gpu as old psu wont accomodate the gtx 460 there for drives arnt installed on the hdd however i do have signal.

    When i boot up it comes up and tells me win 8 isnt availible which it isnt as ive removed the hdd with win 8 on it so i press f9 to load older os as i just want to get the pc running as it was before on xp and remove all traces of win 8 which i thought removing the hdd with win 8 on it would do. I realise you can do it from inside the os but i cant get that far so would like some help, hope this clarifies things thanks.
  3. Hi, just to let you know i have fixed the issue by removing everything and putting it all back in so must have just been a lose connection. So the pc now boots however on startup just after the mobo logo page it comes up checking pc and at the bottom says A: drive error followed by press f1 to resume if i resume computer continues without an issue do you have any idea what this could be i presume its a setting in bios but cant find it.
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