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Run POS software and Digital Signage software from one PC simultaneously


I would like to find out if it is possible to run a POS software and digital signage software on two screens simultaneously from one pc.....and also set it up where I can restart the computer and have it startup and boot into those applications automatically?
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  1. Running the two softwares on two different screens isn't usually an issue, not is adding the programs to the start menu to have them start on bootup. The issue I see is the window focus. if the person is using a writing pad to sign there name and I presume you want them to see if on the 2nd screen, when they sign, it might shift focus to that application, it might not. If you are in the POS software and just made their bill and waiting for them to sign, will the signature software recongize the input and display right away.

    Only real way to tell is to try both at once if you already have them, just make the windows small and see what happens. If it works fine on 1 monitor, it shouldn't be a problem with multi-monitors. It's just a matter of how the applications work that isn't under your control.
  2. Thanks for the response! What I want is for the computer to run the POS software on the 12" screen and the Digital signage software on the 32" to play a loop of ads using one computer. Would the screen size still be an issue? and how would you have the programs boot up on startup automatically and have them run on the desired screens?
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    Sorry, for some reason I read signage as signature and thought it was some touchpad signing software thing for people to sign their signature with. lol.

    As for running ad's on a loop via a media player or something, you can, you basically need a playlist to be put into the startup folder or via command line. It depends on the mediaplayer you're using, but you might be able to do something like (this is an example, not the actual command line) " vlcplayer.exe -p adplaylist.pla -fullscreen " or something like that to force it to start in fullscreen and start that particular playlist. Every media player usually takes some sort of command line parameters to do different things. The only thing is making sure it starts on the 2nd monitor and not the first. Windows 7 is pretty good about restoring apps on the screen it was closed on with a multi-monitor setup though.

    Alternative is burn your ad's to a DVD, play the DVD in a $20 dvd player hooked up to the monitor and take the PC out of equation. I've done that before a screen I had in my window playing. Why bother having a $500 PC using all that power and wear and tear usage on the PC running 24/7 when a $20 dvd player would do the same thing.
  4. Perfect! thank you for the advice!!
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