Modest video editing computer build 2012

Hello PC experts,

Looking for comments for the following build, mainly for compatibility and selection:

Trying to stay below the $1k mark all in. The main use would be for HD video editing, Photo editing and blu-ray disc writing. No gaming intended. May eventually add an SSD but that would be about it. Any comments and suggestions for changes / modifications that won't affect the cost performance curve too much would be greatly appreciated.


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    This build is cheaper, and will perofrm MUCH faster. I added the i7 3770k CPU, which for video editing will be seen as an 8 core CPU and will make your video eiditng life much faster. On top of that, I upgraded the GPU one step to the 570, which will give your HD video editing a boost in speed. Instead of corsair, I put a seasonic PSU, the very best. The HAF case is the best mid tower case. If at all possible, go for 32 GB of memory eventually. I have 16GB and will be upgrading to 32 soon.

    EDIT: Added Blu-Ray writer, as the one I added was not one.
  2. Looks reasonnable, althought you took out the Blu-Ray writer I had, which I need :). Thanks for your comments.
  3. I take that back, I read the specs too quickly. I apologize for that.
  4. The original build looks good but there's no point in pairing a 2500K with a Z77 board as you lose the board's intended functionality. Go with a 3570K instead. Or go with the aforementioned 3770K for editing.

    Also there's no point in the 560TI anymore - get a 660TI or 7850/7870.
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