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Hello everyone,

The last time I built a PC was when Crysis was released and I built my system to meet its specs. :P

Now, as you might know, Crysis releases on Feb 13. Now, I want to build the ultimate Gaming rig to max out Crysis 3 whatever be the requirements. I may be able to do a 2k - 2.5k Budget.

Now, my question is, do I start looking for parts right away and do research or is there something radical that is coming in Jan 2013 that I should wait for ?
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  1. First off we need a budget.

    Second - there's nothing coming down the pike hardware wise that will really make a difference. All the flagship CPUs and GPUs have already been released - and the next generation will probably be just rehashes of the current generation. Intel's Haswell is supposed to be using a dramatically new manufacturing process but I'm guessing it won't be at least a year before we see anything.
  2. There is nothing, I can see, that is likely to change the NATURE of the demands, between Crysis 2 and 3, although, of course the LEVEL of demand may change. The best system, for 2, is likely to be best for 3, subject to equipment improvements. It wouldn't be in game designers' interest to change the balance, drastically, as they want fans of 2, to want to get 3, rather than be put of by the thought that one system can't run both.
    Both nVidia and AMD have new GPUs, due in 2013, and Intel have Haswell, and AMD Steamroller, in 2013. None of them are due before Q2, so what you see is basically what you get, for Jan 2013.
    Of course, it depends what you have now, as to whether a part upgrade, in Jan, and further part upgrade, later in the year, may be a good option.
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