Good deal or not?

I am building a computer for my parents as a Christmas present and would like to know if you guys think this would be decent for the money. I already purchased the case, psu, and dvd drive. I will not include OS but it will be windows 7.


All that on sale right now would cost me about $450

Also, do you think I should wait to buy the rest later if there are better deals on better hardware?

Sorry about the links earlier...
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    i see you're trying to build an entry level machine. no harm in that. the parts will work but perhaps we can put together something a little different for the same or less money that would be a little faster ? HD drive is way big and we could shave some money off if you went with a 500. the memory is okay but if you went with 1333 you could save some money.

    What are you using for a monitor and what's the resolution ? and what operating system are you using and is it 32 or 64bit ?

  4. Well, the reason I have 1600 ram is because its on sale for about as cheap as 1333. I guess I should have posted the sale prices.

    I will probably get a 1080p monitor eventually, and I will have windows 7 64bit.

    My budget is absolutely no more than $500. I want decent graphics because my younger brother will want to play games on it.
  5. Do your parents play games? if not why the 550ti? If they do not play games...

    CPU i5 3450 180

    mobo 70

    Its only $10 more then the above build.

    EDIT: I see you post about your brother. I don't suppose that a gpu could be his christmas gift?
  6. you mean you have $500 more to spend ?

    you said: " I already purchased the case, psu, and dvd drive:
  7. If its for your parents, you definitely don't need a 550Ti.

    The 550Ti sucks anyway. If you want a cheap card in the computer, put a Radeon HD6570. It actually helps in certain situations and also ups resale value
  8. Thank you for all the replies. I think I will wait and see if the phenom cpus go on sale soon and go with one of those instead of the athlon. Sounds like the 550Ti won't be worth it for this sort of computer and I will probably go with a Radeon HD6570 unless I snag a nice deal on something else.

    Sorry I didn't specify enough info in my initial post, I will definitely make sure to cover everything next time a start a thread.
  9. If they want something fast, then I would go with an i3 over the Phenom, as its like 4 generations old now.
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