WRT54G (can't get it working)

So i got this router in a trade, I don't really need it but would like to make a couple bucks off of it. It did not come with a cd, everyone swears you don't need the cd and can set it up via, But my problem is i cant access the web browser based setup. I have tried checking the default gateway via run>cmd>ipconfig and there isn't one, with or with out the Cable modem connected. I do have Charter cable if that is necessary but i do have a Linksys E1000 that works fine with this modem. Does anyone know where i can get an installation program for the router or to check and see if it is bricked. It is a WRT54G v2
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  1. reset the router to manufacturer default using the following steps:

    disconnect the modem and the computer from the router

    disconnect power from the router

    press the reset button on the back and hold it pressed

    plug in the power

    count to 30 and release the reset button

    connect a computer to the router and browse to
  2. If the reset above does not work, may be a bad router. This model has a pretty bad reliability history, drops out wifi a lot, sometimes totally fries. Could be just a bad router someone is trying to pass on.
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