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Fans blocked?

Hi all,

I have a 6850 mounted onto a micro atx board. the card is already blocking one PCI slot and extremely close to the other one. I want to install an internal wireless adapter but I'm not sure if it will be too close or not... when it's installed it will be millimeters away from the fan ( might even touch the shroud)

How close is too close?

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  1. That would be to close for good air flowto the HD6850.
  2. It depends on how big the wireless adapter is. If its really small, you should be fine.

    Do you have a PCI-E X1 slot?
  3. it's my only slot left (budget mobo) and the adapter is a good 2" tall... it'll block the one fan almost completely.

    should i just get a USB adapter? i've heard they are not great...
  4. I've got Netgear adapters on a few of my computers and they work great!

    I mean, if you have the adapter already, you may as well try it in there. I had a TV tuner with my GTX460 and it blocked the fan completely.
  5. i just don't want to trash a new 150$ card for a 30$ adapter :P
  6. I know, but if you have the adapter already, its worth a shot.

    If you don't have an adapter already, it might be worth a shot to get a USB one.

    And just monitor the temperatures if you want to get a PCI one.
  7. Try it out and just keep an eye on temps.
  8. So there is a bit of a myth going on here. The amount of air that will be moved by your fan will not change that much. However the air flow will change. You will have a decreased airflow around the center of the fan where air is not very accessible and an increased air flow around the outsides of the fan where air is easily available.

    Basically if the fan is spinning at the same speed you are still moving the same amount of air. But since you are pulling the same amount of air through a smaller opening the fan will be working harder and there will more noise from the increased airflow around the outsides.
  9. Si went ahead and installed it because i'd already bought it. sorry for bad image quality. does this look okay? it only goes about halfway up the fan and there's about half a centimeter of space between it and the fan.

  10. Honestly, that should be fine. The Gigabyte one has 2 fans anyway. Just check the temperatures.
  11. gpu-z says it's running at about 39 celsius 45% fan speed while downloading stuff on steam/browsing internet. it's about 26 celsius here atm.

    that seems really high to me... but i'm not sure what normal temps for this card are.\

    edit: looking around it seems that's about the standard temp for the card at idle.
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    That's actually really really low. My GTX460 idles at 32C.
  13. okay cool . i'll keep an eye on it and hopefully it'll all be good. thanks for all the help :)
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