Can't get 120hz on Samsung 2233RZ

Hey guys,

Got my Samsung 2233RZ to finally pick up a signal but now it won't display at 120hz. I've got a Geforce 8800GT running on Windows XP. Also I've installed the monitors driver but nothing works. I've googled for hours on this issue and found nothing. Bought a DUAL LINK DVI cable but it only displays at 60Hz.

1. Using Dual Link DVI
2. Updated GPU drivers + monitor driver
3. Tried making a custom resolution profile
4. Tried on Windows 7 and XP
5. Not using dual monitors

Any suggestions?
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  1. That should work, but I don't know if the 8800GT's connection supports 120hz. Have you tried both DVI connections? Not all video cards will support 120hz on all connections, or any in some cases.
  2. Yeah thats what I tried googling actually but I couldn't find anything :( i've tried both DVI slots yeah, 60Hz on both. Guess it might be a time for an upgradE?!
  3. I'd say so. It's not like you can take advantage of that 120hz much, with an 8800GT.
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