Disable Intel HD Integrated Graphics??

I'm New to installing new graphics cards so........I got the Geforce gtx 550 ti i set it up in the computer and now the screen resolution is too big and its going slow. The instructions say to disable the current graphics card or it won't preform very well. I have Intel HD integrated Graphics card. I haven't installed the new drivers for the geforce card yet, because it says to disable any previous ones first.

Again this is all very confusing to me and i wish to learn more soon, please help me out asap.
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  1. You have to switch it in the BIOS to use the discreet video card as opposed to the integrated graphics, no uninstalling of previous drivers, go ahead and install the ones for your new card.

    I never had to change my setting from integrated to discreet, I feel like the driver installation may have done it itself. Also, download the latest drivers online as opposed to using the disk, you will save yourself some future headaches.
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