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On my personal built computer i had recieved an update for Windows 7 one night and before i turned my computer off i updated it. when i woke up the next morning and turned it back on everything was big and magnified. I checked and the native resolution is set to standard definition of 1024X768 where my native was originally higher. I would have switched it but i no longer have the option to go any higher than 1024x768. I did a reset and did a system restore to a previous date and still nothing has changed. I am using a 22"inch Vizio tv as my monitor and i noticed that my tv wont get a signal until i am logged in and even then i need to turn off the tv and turn it back on to get any visual. Now even after i log in i still have no signal. Can anyone help me?
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  1. Update the drivers.
  2. Iv checked all the devices for updates for drivers and its all up to date
  3. This happened to me not to long ago and it fixed itself when I switched to DVI from vga. You said your using a 22 inch TV so I would assume it would have an HDMI connection, I would try that.
  4. I havr an hdmi hook up currently. Im thinking since it did this after an update it might have been from that. Would reinstalling my windows 7 oem work?
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