Finalizing build for Purchase

here is my build. Please let me know if it works for no more than $750.00

Approximate Purchase Date: November 15th

Budget Range: No more than 750.00

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, surfing the internet, watching movies, Multi tasking.

Are you buying a monitor: Later. A couple months from now.

Do you need to buy OS: Yes

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,

Location: Connecticut

Parts Preferences: by brand or type: AMD!! Please don't criticize!:)

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: No

Your Monitor Resolution: 1680x1050, but will be 1920x1080, in a few months.

Additional Comments:I have a case already. Brand new Corsair 500r my wife bought because she said that's the case she likes. Ha. Also, I'm really caught up on the PSU. There are so many brands. Let me know.

Thanks everyone!

Edit: I see I forgot the Cd Drive- Will be adding that too!
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  1. take out fx and put intel i3. performs better in games and uses half the power. dont know why you wouldnt go intel. only fx chip i would chose is the fx 8320 and only for budget workstations

    it wont overclock but you dont really need it if you ask me for this build
  2. take out the case since i didnt see your post. but really, a 500R in a build is totally unbalanced unless you throw 1000+ dollars worth of hardware
  3. Since apparently TheBigTroll has no idea how to read, hence trying to get me to go Intel, when my OP states i'm interested in AMD only, I'm just wondering if anyone else has any input. Something came up where I now have $900.00 to spend. Thanks!
  4. oh goodie. now i have to explain myself

    i am here to help people save money and make a better and smarter purchase. it is not my money that i am spending. my only purpose here is to help people out like you so that they can make a better purchase. im not here to be a fanboy nor going to be one

    now to the amd vs intel arguement. if you ask most of the top forum users (g-unit1111, malbluff, and others), they would tell you to get intel for gaming rigs. they would hardly ever tell you to get a AMD FX. the only real chip i see recommended for AMD gaming rigs is the phenom ii x4 965 for the sheer reason for it being cheap and overclockable. that doesnt come with drawbacks though. it consumes 3x more power than a i3 3220 to achieve about the same gaming performance. nobody recommends amd for 750+ dollar gaming rigs. now that you have 900, it would be stupid to get amd for gaming

    multiplayer wise, a phenom would generally win but not by much. Vishera performs slightly better than a phenom and about as good as a i3 if not more. still, while drawing more power

    as i said, the only reason i recommend a fx vishera chip is for budget workstations since they can take advantage of the 8 threads provided by the fx 8320

    i have both amd and intel systems and they are both great. but intel is better as of now so i suggest that

    if you think you are making the right decision, i cant stop you from doing it. i can guarantee that the amd rig that you are building will be faster than your existing rig and then you can go like TheBigTroll was completely wrong and all that, but then you get hit with comments saying otherwise

    regardless of you buying intel or amd, here you go

    -included a nice samsung 830 SSD.
    -much better power supply. still made by seasonic. just more efficient. you will need it
    -put in a 612 over the 212. you will need it. fx has a high tdp + it kicks out a lot of heat when overclocking
    -cheaper ram. why not?
  5. Thank you for explaining, it's obvious you are smarter than I. I use to build computers as a kid, back in the late 90's, and AMD was king for gaming in terms of power and money. It's apparent that isn't so at this time. I see from reading everywhere, AMD is having a hard time competing, but I have been reading that Piledriver has been an "OK" upgrade. However between heat production, and power usage, I think that I'm going to take your advice.

    With that being said, can you put together an Intel rig? I will over clock it, so I would like an unlocked processor, and if it's over $900.00 a little, that's OK. Thanks for taking time out of your day.
  6. no problem

    intel rigs do cost more. both in terms of the chip and the motherboard but the chip will perform better

    should get 4.2ghz easily and 4.5ghz depending on how good the chip is. otherwise known as silicon lottery silicon loter sili
  7. TheBigTroll said:
    no problem

    intel rigs do cost more. both in terms of the chip and the motherboard but the chip will perform better

    should get 4.2ghz easily and 4.5ghz depending on how good the chip is. otherwise known as silicon lottery silicon loter sili

    Thanks for your help. My question is since I already have the Corsair 500R case, I can save 70 bucks from your build there. Should I put that towards a little better GPU? I could get this with the savings plus throwing in a couple bucks:

    Next question could you recomend a PSU so I could xfire down the line? Would 750 be sufficient/safe?

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    for 900, no because the video card eats 50 bucks from the 70 dollars saved and the psu is about double the price of the 550w
  9. Thanks for the build! Going to order tomorrow. I know from all the research that this is better than any AMD build for what i do. Thanks again.
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  11. no problem. have fun
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