Gtx 670 dc2 freezes when i play bf3 with ultra settings

i am using i7 980x with intel dx58so motherboard 8gb ram and intel 320 series 80gb boot drive at last i am using corsair 600t

i installed gtx 670 dc2 to my pc and i installed bf3

just after when i set the drivers and everything i played the game with ultra setting and it freezes with a loop sound and i when i touch my gtx 670 it feels so hot

as I am unable to know what was the exact temp when it freezed

guys serious and professional help needed
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  1. If you use Hardware Monitor (Google it) it records the min/max temps during your session (as long as it's open).

    You mentioned everything but the most important component....what power supply are you using?
  2. cooler master 1000 watt spu
  3. Hardware Monitor is not able to get my gpu temps
  4. chitranjan said:
    Hardware Monitor is not able to get my gpu temps


    Try GPU-Z?
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