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I'm building a new system, and I'm trying to decide between two motherboards. The Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP5 TH supports CrossFireX and has two thunderbolt ports and is $37 cheaper, while the ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe supports 3 way CrossFireX and can support one more system fan (is that even important? The Deluxe has 6 compared to the UP5 TH's 5). Is the extra cost worth it for the Deluxe? I can also get an mail in rebate of $30 for the Gigabyte.
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  1. Unless you have a very large case, going for more than dual SLI/Crossfire isn't that great an idea.
    Also consider that the extra PCI-e port on the ASUS runs at Gen2 4x bandwidth and will therefore bottleneck the array if you did put a 3rd card in there. It will technically support three cards, but you wouldn't want to.

    The extra fan header isnt a dealbreaker IMO. If you have that many fans in your rig, you should consider buying a 5.25" fan controller.
  2. I have a full tower case, so I should be good in terms of supporting fans. So, do you think I should go with the Gigiabyte then, if the extra fan isn't a big deal? Thanks for the input.
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    Go with the Gigabyte, I find that ASUS products in general are very expensive for what they offer.

    As I said, if you have that many fans, an external controller is the better bet. This is the one I use and love the thing.
    Unfortunately discontinued at Newegg, might be available elsewhere for ~$30.
  4. Thanks a bunch for your advice, will do.
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  6. Wait, why is it better? The UP5-TH has more power phases and features by far...
  7. Your right i thought you were looking at a different mobo lol my bad It's not better both have there up and downs
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