Dual slot required gpu advice needed

Do all gpu cards that say they need to be inserted into 2 pcie x16 slots which are together need to be? or can you use a dual slot card and only plug it into one slot?

To be able to use a dual gpu like msi frozer 7870 will I need a motherboard thats got 2 pcie x16 slots next to each other and I understand that gpu are getting more heat and power so thats why its dual slot do the slots have to be pcie x16 to work? how much more power do dual slot cards use and is the highest card a triple slot gpu?

I want to use dual slot card like msi 7870 what reasonable price mobo set up would I need for amd and also can cross fire and sli be explained to me fully I understand its using 2 different gpu right?

Will dual/triple slot gpu be the future
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  1. Dual slot card does not mean it needs to be inserted in two slots. It means its cooler is pretty tall so it will extend into another slot area below which will simply prevent you from using that slot below regardless what that slot is (PCI or PCI-E).
  2. As above. The slot is the space it will take up, not what it is plugged into. Look at the back of your case. The card will require you to take off two of the plates at the back of the case and occupy this space.
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