Is this enough power?

Just wondering if my build has enough Watts. I kinda wanna over clock both my cpu and gpu.

How many watts will i need to do so, thanks!
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  1. What you are powering would be a great help.
  2. shoot with a decent 500w power supply if you are wanting to push the 965 closer to the 4.0 mark.
  3. The 430w corsair is a good psu, but, I would go for atleast the 500w version with that video card.
  4. Agree with the others, a 500W+ supply would be best.
    I advise this one.
    XFX Core 550W, 80+ Bronze. $70 ($10 rebate)
  5. Get this one. Really good price right now @ $60 after rebate and code

    CORSAIR 750TX 750W 80+ bronze
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