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I am looking into upgrading my graphics card. My computer is a bit old at this point and needs to be replaced, but since that is not feasible at this time I'm trying to get the upgrades no matter how small where I can.

Now, I'm pretty noobish at this and I need a bit of help with knowing if my mobo can support this graphics card:

CPU: Pentium Dual core e5300 @ 2.60GHz
Mobo: Asus PSG41-M LE
RAM: 3 gigs DDR2
Current Graphics Card: Radeon HD 4350
PSU: I think it's just a generic 200-250w

Now, I'm aware that I should upgrade my PSU, and I would like to upgrade to a 500w, so disregarding that fact, would it work?

Thank you in advanced for all replies.

I'm also open for any other suggestions as well.
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  1. I'm almost certain it will work in your system, but you might be bottle necked a small bit, I don't think overclocking is really an option either. 3g or Ram is that 3 sticks?
    if you have more than 2 it wont utilize dual channel that might hinder performance.
    Then again your mobo might not have dual channel, but more than likely it does.
    And lastly yeah psu needs an overhaul for sure, get a good brand because you will need it when you upgrade your whole system later.
  2. For that price, I wouldn't go for the 550Ti. It would not work on your power supply. The new GTX650 uses close to no power, but it DOES require a 6-pin.

    If you upgrade the power supply, there are alot more options. If not, well, we'll have to know the amperage on the 12V rail.
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