Need Help Overclocking My HD 6950 2GB

I need some help overclocking my Sapphire HD 6950 2GB. i already have Sapphire Trixx installed but don't know how to oc. Plz help

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    There are two things to overclock. You can overclock core clock or memory clock. I use afterburner but I heard trixx is good. So to do it download a benchmark, furmark or unigene's heaven. Be careful navigating the sites as they are full of viruses and decline any agreement if you can continue with declining. Gradually up core clock or mem clock about 10 or 20 mhz at a time. Run furmark burn in test which is a minute long. Keep doing this until it is unstable, (the program will crash or it will BSOD). Another good benchmark to use is metro 2033's if you have that game, with metro run it 3 or so times. Once you get to a big landmark, every 50-100mhz run the 15 minute furmark test for stability check. When it gets unstable you can either up the voltage a little or turn down the clock a little bit. with metro run the benchmark 11+ times. Also I am pretty sure you can go into catalyst control center and up the amount of energy that goes to the card.
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