MSI Radeon 6870 driver issues

Hey guys, I built a new system a couple weeks ago and everything has been outstanding except, as far as I can tell, my driver keeps pooping out on me during gaming and even when i'm just surfing the web.

When i'm just using the internet or something it will temporarily black out the screen and then come back a second or two later. It's not a huge deal but still kind of annoying.

Now the really annoying happening is when i'm playing games. The game will freeze for like 5 or 6 seconds then go black and eventually come back. It's really annoying and takes me out of the experience. It's been more prevalent in darksiders II and metro 2033 and just now a couple minutes ago in metro 2033 it froze and went black but didn't come back, but strangely enough I could alt tab out and my desktop was intact and everything but the game it self was just a black screen.

here are my specs
AMD phenom II x4 965 BE
MSI Radeon 6870
8gb of corsair XMS3 ram
Biostar A880GZ
1tb hitachi hdd
Corsair Builder Series CX600 600 watt

Unfortunately I couldn't get a case with good cooling as I was on a 400 dollar budget and wanted a above average gaming rig ( just have my old shitty case with side off right now) but as far as I can tell the temps are good. The card get to about 60 to 61c while gaming which is totally acceptable from what I've read and the cpu get to about 45c.

help a brotha out.
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  1. Oh yeah that happens to me all the time. Well when my GPU is overclocked too high. If your CPU or GPU is overclocked, set them back to stock clocks and see if it still happens. Then if it's still doing it, try the 12.7 beta driver instead of 12.8 - that one worked well for my 6870. Though the 12.8 works fine too, so I don't know.
  2. I did OC a little bit and after seeing artifacts in darksiders 2 I knew it had to be toned down lol.

    Playing metro 2033 now. It did do that black screen for a second or two thing but nothing serious yet.
  3. does it come up with a notification that "display driver has failed and recovered" or is it just a black screen?
  4. Check your GPU and CPU temps during gaming with one or two other temp reporting programs, especially prior to the black screen. Sometimes, one or two of the temp reporting programs can have accuracy problems that the others don't, so it can help to look at several such programs and see the most consistent temp range that is reported. It doesn't seem like a temp problem, but it'd help to get some more results to be sure.
  5. jessterman21 said:
    does it come up with a notification that "display driver has failed and recovered" or is it just a black screen?

    not for the short ones it doesn't. It did for the longer ones but I haven't gotten any thus far.
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