I slam my fist on the table and stuff happens

Okay first off, just to get it out of the way I used to slam my fist really hard on my computer table whenever I get stuck with teammates that are monumentally stupid in a game. I do it out of frustration because no matter how hard I try to carry the weakest link of the team my efforts go to waste and I lose.

At first there was no problem. Then occasionally I'd slam my fist so hard that my monitor would go blank for a few seconds and turn back on again. The phenomenon is akin to the monitor going to sleep and turning back on again for like a split second, which is why assuming that it's the monitor that has an issue and not the graphics card.

Furthermore, the monitor has been acting up. I don't want to say flickering but since I don't know what other word to use it's what I'm sticking with (it's sorta like flickering but only certain portions of the screen and its always horizontal). Basically I'm not doing anything and some sort of horizontal lines appear. Those who are old enough to know how really old crt TVs might know what I'm talking about where you see that momentary line if the TV is on the fritz or something.

Another problem I encountered as a result of my misdirected wrath on my table is the computer hanging (which is why I decided to place this question here instead of the peripherals). This is rather recent actually and I assume that it has something to do with my HDD.

Basically again I slammed my fist on the table and the computer stopped. The sound it made was akin to a game crashing. Like if someone was about to say the word "bracket" the only sound they would here is a constant "brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbr" in a very high frequency. The difference with an actual crash is that pressing ctrl+alt+del does not do anything and the computer freezes (I know because the clock on the display panel on my keyboard stops from moving).

While I am worried, my question is should I be super worried? Are these symptoms a serious thing that I should be concerned about? Guess the answer that I'm looking for is some consolation that my rig is fine and I should just stop taking my stress out on my table.

After that whole hanging fiasco I've learned to really retrain myself and take out my gaming stress on recently purchased stress ball.

P.S. forgive me if my descriptions are a bit vague, I'm a bit of a noob which is why I come here for advice.
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  1. Probably nothing, chances are all your rage has done is slight disconnect the video-input at the back of the monitor. If its VGA (which would explain the horizontal lines) or DVI, just make sure to screw it in properly. HDMI you cant do much about though.

    The computer stopping might also come down to something disconnecting. I would just reseat (take out and plug back in) the graphics card and RAM and see if that stops the problem. Maybe even move the machine away from the table, and bash it to see if you get the same effect.
  2. My best guess is that the HDD might be damaged. Or the same as chalk said.

    I usually hit my desk while playing horror games and I freak out lol
  3. Thing is my cable is HDMI and I've already done the whole pluyg and unplug the HDMI cable thing. Although, I haven't tried to reattached my GPU I'll probably try that, thanks a bunch guys.
  4. When HDD is active any noticeable amount of vibration,like, from a hit, may cause spindle to damage part of it, making it unreadable. What i recommend you to do, is go to your HDD manufactutrer website and download hdd scanning tool, to see if your hdd has any bad sectors. Another thing to do is to run defragmentation of your hdd, as it may ease its life.
  5. On a side note, I don't slam my fist on the table when the screen flickers and I think its a useful note that it only happens when I'm not playing a game. And its rare like every other day or something
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