Help on picking a graphics card

Im building a computer the next week and i need help on which graphics card to chose

1.) 7870 Hawk Edition
2.) 660 Ti Power Edition OC
3.) 7950 Sapphire
4.) 7950 Sapphire OC

What is the difference between 7950 Sapphire and 7950 Sapphire OC? Does the Sapphire 7950 OC Edition have more headroom for overclocking then a regular sapphire 7950, or do they both equally overclock?

I plan on overclocking the card i get decently high so take that into consideration.

I want to be able to play Crysis 3 Maxed out when it comes out, will any of these cards do that?
If any of you can list benchmarks of these specific cards that'd be great too.
I dont want to spend an extra $30 for just 2 or 3 more frames so also take that into consideration.

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks!
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  1. I'd definately suggest the 7950if you want to OC, it OCs no problem. You can hit 1150-1200 core with it which is like a 30% OC.

    The OC'ed cards don't really help much, you just want a decent cooler on the card, the sapphire vapor-x is good.
  2. I would go with the 7950 Sapphire, the oc edition is just a factory overclock, this can be achieved easily on most cards, the 7950 shares the larger memory bus of its big brother the 7970

    however I highly doubt this will allow you to max out Crysis 3, given the updates that the Cry-Engine bring with each resinstallment we can expect Crysis 3 to be just as hard as Crysis 2 with the tesellation and hi res texture downloads
  3. Get the 7950 and Overclock it!

    You can overclock it to exceed a stock 7970 :)
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