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Hello Community,

I am about to upgrade from my GTX 275 1792 x 2 SLI cards.

I think i've settled on the Radeon 7950 3GB due to its recent price reduction. My main question, newegg has 2 versions of this card for sale. one is 299, the other is 329. Both Sapphire brand.

Now the only difference i can see, is that the 30$ more one has a higher core clock @950MHz, where as the cheaper one is stock 810MHz.

I have overclocked my CPU however i have little experience with overclocking GPU. BLAH im getting too talky.


Also im kinda nervous to stray away cuz once i tried to get a gigabyte radeon and it was a trash card, maybe unlucky? i felt like catalyst was a horrible program back then.
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  1. oh i forgot to leave links to the cards sry.

    btw im not willing to buy something beyond the cost of link 2
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    Go for the cheaper one if there using the same cooling solution and everything, you can easily overclock it yourself. There are guides on here and on YouTube.

    There basically charging you $30 for something you can do yourself in 10 minutes.
  3. ok cool i thought maybe it was just higher grade and that was why it was higher core. so its just that they tweaked it up a bit themselves
  4. Actually now that I think about it, when the factory overclocks cards they sometimes choose there gpus saying some are "better" than the other ones in some way. Even thought there made the same and everything, but hey who knows they could actually be better.

    Up to you really IMO cheaper one will more than likely have the same overclock potential.
  5. thx alucard, u ma vamp bro
  6. Cre3p said:
    thx alucard, u ma vamp bro

    Ha no problem. Have a good one good luck.
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