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Help with a new gigabyte AMD radeon 7870 OC

Hello, i've been lurking in these forums for a while now for a solution to my problem, but none so far.
So i've been having trouble getting my new gigabyte AMD radeon 7870 OC to work on my newly built pc.
I'm pretty sure i have everything installed correctly, PCI cables in the right place connected to my power supply, it powers on and the fans run. As soon as i connect the HDMI cable to my monitor, i don't get a signal. Only way i can actually see my display is if i use the motherboard's HDMI port. I've tried installing the driver's as well but nothing happens... tried going to my bios screen and selecting PCIe instead of auto for the graphics card slot and still nothing...

it seems like my pc isn't even detecting the card at all, and i'm pretty sure the card isn't faulty or defective since I've sent the same one i ordered back to get a new one of the same type. I check out the device manager and see no trace of the card, even though it's pushed into my motherboard all the way. I'm really stuck here and would like some help or advice, so i don't feel like i spent 200 something dollars on this thing for nothing.

Here are my specs:
OCZ 600w ModXstream power supply
Z77MX-d3h motherboard
intel core i5 2500k processor 3.30GHz
patriot gamer series RAM 32GB (8x4)
Acer 23" LED monitor
OS: windows 7 32bit

also... I'm wondering if the card not being able to be read has to do with the on-board graphics from the motherboard?
Not really sure but it would be nice if i could get that cleared up... please help.
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  1. Try a new GPU, also try putting it in a new slot if there is one or put it in a new system. If the problem follows the card you know what the problem is.
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    It sounds like your computer is only using your cpus integrated graphics.
    You should try looking in bios and switch off integrated and turn on discrete graphics.
    Same thing happened with my ivy bridge.
  3. oh man i don't believe it... i got home from work today, decided to see if anyone got replied to this and read the answers... i tried out what sniper posted, and updated my bios, went into the settings and turned off the integrated graphics. After that, restarted the pc, and it was able to detect my card! it's fully running now without any problems at all! :D i cannot thank you guys enough for giving advice and helpin' out. I'm Gonna go game my heart out with amazing graphics now so... thanks again for the help!

    and what maarsch said was true, i'm only able to use 3.40gb of my memory on windows 7 32bit. I plan on upgrading to 64bit later on, but for now it's what i'm stuck with...
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