New video card for Old system


Now I have old system:
- ASUSTeK A8N-SLI Deluxe (Socket 939, NVIDIA nForce®4 SLI™) BIOS Revision 1011
- AMD Socket 939 Athlon 64 3000+ 1800MHz Winchester
- DIMM 2*512Mb DDR400 PC3200 SDRAM Samsung TCCC (200MHz 3-3-3-8)
- ATI Radeon Sapphire X800 256Mb 256bit PCI-E (400/700)
- FSP 460-60PFN 460W
- BenQ FP93GP 19'' (1280x1024 / 75Hz)

and I want change video card, because my X800 support only Shaders v2.0

I know, I can't buy most powerful video card, because my system will be limit perfomance and FPS, but what the best video card I can buy for my old system and compatibility with MB and Power Supply?

Thank you!
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  1. A 7750 would be good, but I do recommend you get a new computer. A single-core won't be very good for gaming nor will 1GB of DDR RAM.
  2. A 7750 would be totally overkill. When I had my old 3Ghz p4 ht with 3Gb ddr2 533 I upgraded from an x300 to a 9400gt, which with heavy overclocking shifted the bottleneck to the cpu in many modern games. The cpu you have is a bit slower than that so it looks like you might just have to buy a new rig
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