Adapter needed for Nvidia surround at 120Hz?

Hi, quick question for you folks

I currently have 2x GTX 680 Signature cards from EVGA. I recently purchased a Samsung S23A700d and that has been working great at 120Hz. I am currently planning on getting two more for 2D Nvidia surround. I know that with one card in order to get a 120Hz signal to all three monitors I would use dual link DVI cables in the two DVI ports and an active displayport to dual-link DVI to power all three monitors. What I'm wondering is with the SLI set-up can I simply use the two DVI ports on the master card and the top DVI port on the slave card to drive all three monitors at 120Hz?

If anyone has any experience with this set-up please let me know if this will work and if not what path a should pursue.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Good choice!! I have three of the same monitors running on one 690 and I am able to do 120hz with 3 dl dvi cables. With what you are planning to do I believe should work. In the nvidia setup it looks easy to sli and connect to almost any dl dvi or dp to create a surround setting. Good luck with your setup, sounds sick!!!
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