Vaio crashing. Can you help?

My Sony Vaio PFG 270 PII 350 Laptop is crashing (blank screen; frozen system). Just moments after booting up it shuts down. Then, the only way to reboot is to unplug it and remove the battery, wait a few minutes, then try again. Then, if I'm lucky, it will run awhile before crashing/shutting down again.

Also, a fan starts up just after the crash, or sometimes just before.

Is this some sort of overheating problem?

I'm running Win98 SE

Any ideas?
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  1. I think your laptop is dying, have you tried using it without the battery or with a new battery? Your powersupply may be near death or you might want to format your harddrive and re-install windows. it could be any number of things there is just not enough info, when did it start doing this and what had you done to it prior?

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